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@GenuineSoundz | Tasha Tah - Haan De Munde

@GenuineSoundz | Tasha Tah - Haan De Munde

Uploader: agenuinesound

Duration: 04:02

Date: 2012-01-13T00:04:24.000Z



I heard the original, and I instantly knew it was a song that I wanted to add my twist too!

Song Name - Haan De Munde
Artist - Tasha Tah, Genuine Soundz
Mixed By - Genuine Soundz

girl i knew right from the start
i was gonna be one to break your heart
i was gonna be the one to pull your card
make ya house crumble, fall real hard
but i wasnt gonna let you go
no way i would could ever let you know
so i just went along with flow
had you always coming back and askin fo more
well what did you expect me?
did you ever think i would let you leave
nah, not after what we've seen
so forget everything, come next to me
cuz i've always wanted you here
never seen a disaster show so clear
but i still couldnt let you dissapear
the pains of love, perservereeee

this wasnt just a game for me
and i knew this would very painfully
so i kept my distance, played u see
but i didnt do it in the way you thoughtd itd be
i didnt do it in no mackin way
tryna save my heart from breakin away
and i know i took the cowardly grave
i couldnt take the pain, too riskay
im sorry, im wrong,
too many heartbreaks, im not that strong
i worried, you were gone
and i couldnt bear to wait that long
so im sorry, im gone
theres no point in holdin on
u worried, i was wrong
shoulda known i was already goneee

girl i really hope you know
that i really had to go
it was always known so
just let it go go....

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