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Channa Mereya - Pritam & Arijit Singh

Posted by Nayan Chia on December 31, 1969
Channa Mereya - Pritam & Arijit Singh

Karan Johar's tender tale of love and heartbreak gets a suitably emotional score from composer Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya. The title track, which translates as "This Heart Is Complicated," unspools layers of crescendoing dance beats. More outstandingly, "Bulleya" and "Channa Mereya" (The Light of My Soul) depict lust and turmoil, respectively, with melodies and arrangements borrowed from the Sufi tradition. "The Breakup Song" and "Cutiepie," two exuberantly fun pop vehicles, neatly balance the angst.

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